Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.

- Peter Drucker

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Market timing for the SAVE system
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Solar Active Venting Equipment is a "makes-sense" product incoporating "GREEN" technology. Homes and businesses are the primary market for the SAVE system. Off-grid strutures like cabins, outhouses, boats, and RV's are secondary markets.

Today many homeowners and businesses are feeling a financial pinch and any form of relief is being considered. Therefore, a successful product must have; value, a low purchase price, and a quick ROI. Combining technology and innovation with good engineering principles is a good way to satisfy all of these criteria.

The SAVE system has all the right technological components; (1)solar technology which is a mature technology with all-time low pricing, (2) innovation through its "Smart Vents" which use electronics to control air flow, and (3) good engineering through simple design, proven materials, and a straight forward manufacuring process.

The SAVE system is a "makes-sense" product for todays home and business owner. It effectively removes hot moist air from attics, reduces air conditioner runtime, and lowers energy bills. What makes the SAVE system so unique? . . . . . . It's quiet, rugged, easy to install, lasts for years, and it doesn't cost anything to run!

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Help support President Obama's "rebound effect" and together we can help our country meet the Clean Energy 2030 initiatives.

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Many local, state, and federal agencies have energy rebate programs. With our support, retail buyers can access up-to-date agency information.

What do homeowners think about the SAVE system?

“Great product .... greater company!” - Vic Bernstein (Spokane, WA.)